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Tony Roudette, Contractor
Coulibistrie, Dominica

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Work History


Anthony (Tony) Roudette
Over 30 years of Professional Service




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●  General Contractor – responsible for the execution, supervision and overall coordination of many projects through his own business

●  Remodeling Contractor – as overseen several projects

●  Specialty Contractor - electrical, plumbing, sewer and other

●  Sub-Contractor –  provided all types of building services as hired

●  Property Manager & Guest Services Agent

●  Liaison for Expatriate Disaster Recovery Work Groups


Work Background


Roudette Construction and Electrical – owner / manager, Coulibistrie, Dominica


Responsible for all aspects (beginning to end) of all types of construction projects including large scale homes, roads, retaining and boundary walls, water drainage, plus home remolding projects and more.

Related experience and professional duties include:

    ●  interpretation of individual project needs and demands

    ●  blueprint review, and refinement of plans per collaborating with architects

    ●  measuring and laying out of building dimensions 

    ●  appraisals, bids, purchase of construction materials, quality

    ●  understanding of Domincia’s construction codes

    ●  foundation, concrete pads, concrete walls, stone walls, all forms of masonry including block, brick

     ●  tile (+ finish work), masonry artwork, patio, sidewalk & driveway construction, etc.

    ●  rough framing, related woodwork to fine finish of entire homes / buildings

    ●  roofing design and construction- all types of materials

    ●  all aspects of electrical installation from start to finish, including industrial generators

    ●  complex rewiring of American generators to operate on Dominica

    ●  all aspects of plumbing installation from start to finish, including sewer

    ●  rough landscaping, ground water control and drainage

    ●  understanding of Dominica’s bedrock, soil structures and related aspects

    ●  hiring and oversight of all types of sub-contractors

    ●  hiring of workers and maintaining their moral

    ●  managing sub-contractor and general laborer payroll



Site & Project Foreman and Liaison Plat Ma Pierre, Colihaut, Dominica  

            – Employed by Christian Disaster Relief (CDR) & Christian Service International (CDI) (2016 - present)

Responsibilities include:

    ●  Liaison for CDR and CDI teams who came to Dominica to assist with rebuilding after tropical storm Erica.

    ●  Assists with insight and navigation related to the dynamics of construction projects and the CDR teams living on the island.

    ●  As foreman hired by CDR & CDI, oversaw all construction aspects of building 3, multiple apartment homes at Plat Ma Pierre.

    ●  Assists(ed) with many other smaller construction, electrical, plumbing and other projects taken on by CDR and CDI.

Property Manager & Guest Services Villa Vidal, Grand Savanne, Dominica

            – a guest residence that sleeps 8-10.  (2007 - 2016)


Responsibilities include:

    ●  all property maintenance and general upkeep including grounds, garden, electrical, plumbing, repair, cleaning, etc.

    ●  guest consigner responsible for preparing house for welcome, purchasing groceries and other necessities as required

    ●  providing security and guest reassurance as needed

    ●  providing insight to island activities, points of interest and other pertinent locations

    ●  securing daily / weekly transport  -- locally and from/to airport

    ●  personal guiding / transportation, as needed, to island points of interest

    ●  fishing guide – provides boat and equipment, for one of a kind experience


Electrical technician and builder
St. Martin, French & Dutch sides -- 4 years

Worked for various businesses, contractors and a hotel including the oversight of construction two buildings;

site / maintenance manager at Little Bay Hotel (name to be verified) was responsible for oversight of carpenters, masons,

plumbers, essentially the entire crew.


Electrical technician, Burton & Co, Roseau, Dominica -- 11 years

Responsible for all wiring aspects of homes, business and other related, including electrical generators, motors, etc.


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