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Tony Roudette, Contractor
Coulibistrie, Dominica

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Anthony (Tony) Roudette Construction
and Home Building, west coast, Commonwealth of Dominica, provides reliable and efficient means of handling any of your building projects no matter how big or small. 


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               ● Time Sensitive
               ● Cost Efficient
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New Homes - From ground layout to foundation digging and pouring, to concrete wall forming to roof finishing... electrical wiring and plumbing -- Roudette Construction provides a full, home building package based on communication, careful planning and craftsmanship.


Remodeling - Home improvement of all types including interior and exterior, plumbing and electrical modifications, approachements, fences and more 


Electrical - A certified electrician by trade, Tony has considerable experience wiring homes, both 220 and 110 current, and generators, including American made; he understands Dominica's codes and working with inspectors in making sure your wiring is safe.


Plumbing - Experienced with full home plumbing needs including the installation of septic tanks and water catchment systems.


Concrete - Experienced in a wide variety of projects including foundations, driveways, patios, steps, columns, fences, and drainage.




Roudette Construction has years of experience dealing with overseas clients and long distance home building projects. References available